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Private conservative group ALEC Carries Sway in NC Legislature

May 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Private conservative group ALEC Carries Sway in NC Legislature

A May 6, 2013 report in the Raleigh News & Observer provides new information on ALEC’s influence on North Carolina’s 2013 legislative session.

A handful of measures sponsored by North Carolina lawmakers this session include language identical to ALEC’s template legislation. At least two dozen more bills match the organization’s priorities and intent, if not its exact language – everything from requiring voter ID at the polls and allowing private school vouchers to repealing the federal health care law and prioritizing energy exploration.

ALEC’s role in North Carolina makes it a target for critics, particularly the think tank’s cozy relationship with business interests, who play a prominent, but mostly behind-the-scenes, role in crafting legislation alongside the roughly 50 North Carolina lawmakers listed as members. (Read more here:

See sidebar for some specific examples.