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Co-chairs of NC’s Environmental Review Committee belong to ALEC

January 25, 2012 Leave a comment

The NC General Assembly’s  Environmental Review Committee has authority over the state’s Division of Environmental Resources (DENR) and tremendous power over the future  air, water, land and the health of living beings and ecosystems of our state.  For example, the commission is currently considering abolishing the state’s Air Toxics Program which monitors facilities that produce toxic air pollution and evaluates the public health impact. (For a good overview, see a WRAL report from September 2011).

Members of this Environmental Review Committee who belong to ALEC include:
Senator David Rouzer, Co-Chair
Representative Ruth Samuelson, Co-Chair
Representative Chuck McGrady.

The ALEC-influenced S781 bill passed by the NC GOP legislature in 2011 gives the Environmental Review Committee increased powers over DENR and requires DENR to  review all its rules, report those that exceed federal standards, and, in keeping with the dictums of ALEC, to repeal those that do.

The Air Toxics Program is said to be more stringent than Federal requirements, but in 2007, North Carolina was ranked 4th highest in the country for hazardous air pollutants. [Oy.  No wonder I can’t breathe when I’m working in my garden during the summer!]


Is your North Carolina state legislator in ALEC?

October 5, 2011 1 comment

SourceWatch has assembled a partial list of  ALEC Politicians. The following is based on their list of 33 North Carolina Legislators with ALEC ties. It is annotated with links to Member information from the NC General Assembly website.

House of Representatives